A brief financial fiche is presented, detailing some of the items related to the gross marketable production, that can be obtained from traditional (fresh cocoon) and innovative (carded staple) silkworm rearing, we hope to carry out through the Adriatic-Silk network

Operational Group



  1. One case of eggs will yield about 26 kg of fresh cocoons;
  2. One hectare of mulberry produces leaves to breed 25 cases, hence 650 kg of fresh cocoons;


  1. The sorting to assess the quality of these silk cocoons makes us reach 500 kg of cocoons for carding, plus 150 kg of cocoons to be used for the napping (waste) for discontinuous yarns suitable for the realization of compounds;


  1. The fresh cocoons, following the drying, have a 30% drop in weight, hence we’ll end up having 350 kg of dried cocoons for the carding to be sold at 9 EUR / Kg (for a total of EUR 3100 approximately) and Kg 100 of cocoons for napping (waste) for discontinuous yarns to be sold at 6 EUR / kg (for a total of around 600 EUR);


  1. To breed 25 seed-worm boxes, 400 square meters of silkworm nurseries (stable) and 200 working hours by the operator are needed, hence 2000 euros per month for labor and 400 euros per month for the lease of the stable (for a total of 2400 Eur);
  2. What is left is 1300 Euros for the farmer and his hectare of mulberry plantation for each PHASE of rearing;


  1. With two breeding PHASES (April 20 – June 30) what’s left is 2600 euros for the farmer and his hectare of mulberry plantation;


  1. With three breeding PHASES we could reach 3900 per hectare;


  1. The Operational Group “Adriatic Silk” of Ascoli Piceno will provide all the assistance and protection necessary to achieve the figures mentioned above without any disbursement of money by the farmers/breeders of the Piceno County, who will just commit to deliver the dried nymphs, contained within the cocoons produced by them, to be sold to the industries of northern Italy;
  2. The Operational Group “Adriatic Silk” will also deepen the different aspects of the “Yellow Silk” project which not related to carding/napping/weaving of the silk cocoon, hence it will also take care of the valorization of chrysalis flour, mulberries of white mulberry along with its leaves and roots.


The Director of the O.G. Adriatic Silk

Technical Officer of the Project “Yellow Silk”