Sericultural Observatory of Ascoli (O.B.A.)

Re-launching of mulberry and silkworm rearing in the Piceno territory: 23 April the presentation of OBA in

ASCOLI PICENO: seminar for the presentation of the Sericultural Observatory of Ascoli (OBA) Monday, April 23 at 10 am in Ascoli Piceno at the Papal Paper Mill.

The seminar will be related above all to the revival of mulberry and silkworm rearing in the Piceno territory, struck deadly by the earthquake.

“We will disclose the establishment and operation of the scientific technical committee, in charge to protect and assist “O.B.A.”- says Gianfranco Concetti – this new sericultural observatory will initially act to valorize the ÔÇťAdriatic Silk” brand and to formulate the related production protocols and regulations; for the opening of a school-laboratory in Arquata del Tronto and Acquasanta Terme, earthquake crater, dealing with ethical robotics; (E-Robot) within the Adriatic Silk value chain; to start the silkworm breeding using the traditional method but which may be also used for the edible pupa”.