The project will deal with:

  • plantation of the garden for the experimental production of white mulberry trees;
  • production of the silkworm seed of the “YELLOW ASCOLI” type;
  • silkworm rearing of the famous ” YELLOW ASCOLI” type.

The silk obtained with the spinning of the “YELLOW ASCOLI” cocoons, in some innovative artisan spinning mills (“Arcolaio Piceno”) will be used to investigate/design PROTOTYPE of exclusive fabrics as well as high added value accessories in well-articulated laboratories (frames + pillow) .
The “YELLOW ASCOLI” type will favor the integration between urban and rural areas by leveraging the existing natural, cultural and social resources in the Piceno area, strengthening the economic and territorial cohesion of the world’s most beautiful earthquake-stricken area, through traditional bio-economies, making use of ethical robotics as well